Leg 1 – Northeast
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School City Date Location
Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA March 24 Newell-Simon Hall
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA March 25 Jon M. Huntsman Hall
Cornell University Ithaca, NY March 27 Cornell College of Engineering
Syracuse University Syracuse, NY March 28 Hinds Hall
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY March 31 Computer Science House
Boston University Boston, MA April 1 check back
Northeastern University Boston, MA April 3 check back
MIT Cambridge, MA April 4 check back

Leg 2 – Midwest
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School City Date Location
Case Western Reserve Cleveland, OH April 7 check back
The Ohio State University Columbus, OH April 8 check back
Purdue University West Lafayette, IN April 9 check back
University of Illinois U-C Urbana-Champaign, IL April 10 check back

Leg 3 – West
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School City Date Location
University of Washington Seattle, WA April 11 check back
Oregon State University Portland, OR April 14 check back
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA April 15 check back
University of California at Berkeley Berkeley, CA April 16 check back
Cal Tech Pasadena/Los Angeles, CA April 17 check back

4 Responses to Schedule

  1. quaid says:

    Let me know about the UCB and Stanford legs, I’ll be around when those happen and would love to be involved.

  2. Do we have any of the locations fleshed out yet?

  3. Máirín says:

    no RPI? 😦

    anything i can do to help make it happen?

  4. Alastair Neil says:

    Nothing in the Midatlantic or South East yet?

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