Case Western Reserve University

Out of all the places I’ve spoken at so far, this by far had to be the best.  I got a chance to visit with Case students and faculty on Monday.  There are so many people at Case who just “get it.”  From faculty to students and the IT, they truly understand the value of Open Source and are active contributors to many Open Source projects.  My talk went very well, the room was packed to walls, with a very good mix of people, and I got asked some of the best and most inquisitive questions yet.

A few of the guys in the crowd were already heavy contributors to Open Source.  One of the kids was a Pidgin contributor, another was a maintainer on SunWah Linux and heavy in the Slackware community and when I asked how many people contributed to some Open Source project, almost everyone in the room raised their hand.  I was very impressed.

The questions from the audience ran the gamut from simply “how do I get involved in Fedora” to “how do I get maintainers to not ignore my patches” and someone even asked about getting something on Fedora hosted!!  I was asked about Creative Commons, Patent Reform and what Red Hat perceived its role was in all that fray.  I was also asked about Microsoft Patent Pledge and whether we thought it was real or not, that made for a very funny discussion.

Eventually, I did find my way out but was followed by about 10 students to the car where they got their Fedora Shirts and Hats and we all put them on and took a picture together which I need to get and post up here.  We spent another few minutes together chatting and then they bid me farewell.  Off to my next destination.  Purdue University…


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